Artec Innovator Academy :

Early Years Program

Why not get an early start?

The Innovator Academy Early Years program was developed in response to parents whose children were too young to attend our Robot Programming School. After years of careful development, trial-and-error, and feedback, weʼve created the countryʼs top pick for a headstart in STEM learning.

Early Years blends three components

Bring coding and robotics to your students with
standards-aligned, engaging, gamified courses.


Follow simple rules to match shapes and turn gears while learning how to use visualization and spatial reasoning to find solutions.

< Spatial Reasoning >
< Focus >


Combine blocks, motors and gears to make a range of real mechanical robots and learn how they work before making your own.

< Creativity >
< Expression >


Use approachable, kid-friendly software to learn the programming basics by controlling motors and lighting up LEDs.

< Logic >
< Problem Solving >


Artec Innovator Academy :

Robot Programming School

The Innovator Academy Robot Programming School is a comprehensive three-year robotics program tested here in Japan and programming workshops across the world.

Comprehense Teachers Guidelines

Detailed teacherʼs guidelines for every lesson,
explaining the goals, lesson structure, and tips
to help guide your classroom and manage your time effectively!



Engaging Student Resources

Student textbooks covering everything from
real-life applications of the technology to
building and programming it in order to teach
real robotics knowledge

Practical Application & Learning Objective

Applied learning missions after every lesson to test studentsʼ newly-acquired knowledge and give them an opportunity to exercise their
own creativity and problem-solving skills.

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