Virtual Robotics Competition


Test your programming skills using an online robotics simulator right from your Internet browser!


Robo Health Heroes


[World Finals] September 7 (Sat), 2024 @ 15:00 JST

Application Period

July 5 (Fri) to August 1 (Thur), 2024


The final results to be announced online on October 30 (Wed), 2024.


How to Apply ?

1 Contact your local Universal Robotics Challenge representative for details

2 After applying, a username and password for the GoTechUp simulator will be sent to your registered email address on August 6 (Tue), 2024. The competition rules and instructions for the simulator will also be published at this time.

3 Access the GoTechUp simulator

4 Login and you’ll be able to access the tutorial, which you can use to practice programming in preparation for the competition.

5 The competition course will become available on September 7 (Sat), 2024 at 14:00 JST. Log into the simulator and you’ll be able to preview the course. Programming on the competition course will be enabled at 15:00 JST, so please follow along with the rules as you program in the simulator.

6 Results will be published on October 30 (Wed), 2024. Winners will be selected from topranked participants from across the globe.

Scan to open the GoTechUp website or Check Compatibility Here !